Episode 150

Ep. 150 Deleted Scene (2 Question Interview)

This is our deleted 2QI for episode 150, Road to Megacon

Q 1) What is your favorite Dessert?
Q 2) What TV Show would you bring back with a modern day update?

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Tony Talavera

{speaker, singer, actor, artist, puppeteer, pastor, writer, wronger, gamer, geek, father & friend; none of which means a thing if it doesn't reflect Jesus}

Founder and host of the Nerd of Godcast, where Christ Culture and Nerd Culture find sweet, sweet two-player co-op.

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Alexandria Simon

She's a pirate princess who has traveled the world sharing Jesus, and she rolls a d20 like the boss that she is.
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Julia Collazo

She's spunky and sweet, and if you like Korean dramas she's your new BFF. Your life is a better place with a little JCC in it.
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Steven Salisbury

Steven is not the worst, despite what you’ve seen, heard, or what everyone else says. He IS a movie buff, a lover of 90’s culture and Back to the Future.
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Quentin Neff

One of the founding members of the Nerd of Godcast. Here to bring you a nerdy today and a blessed tomorrow!
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Nicholas Sadler

Nick “The Engineer” Sadler is the guy that makes our podcast do the thing. He’s into Legos and Minecraft, and he can build some pretty amazing stuff in real life, too.